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Congratulations to all members of the Manassas Park High School Class of 2019!

Class of 2019

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Micro Scholarship Recipients

Micron’s support and partnership created six scholarships, the Superintendent’s Micron Scholarships totaling $3,000 and were awarded to high school graduates pursuing a STEM focus in postsecondary education.

Victor Reyes Moren
BELL Community College Scholarship -- $1,000

Nathan Escobar
Betty Mullins Community Service Scholarship -- $1,000

Paulina Hernandez
William Steele Memorial Scholarship -- $1,000

Karen Ruiz Tabora
Maurice Allen Memorial Scholarship -- $1,000

Hafen Scholarship Award 2019

Jose Ayala
Kylene Privett Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Amanda Woo
Lockheed Martin Scholarship -- $1,500

Emma Hardy
Woman of the Year Scholarship -- $2,000

Jeffrey Romero
Kelsey-West Hafen Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Isidro Cortes Reyes
Billy Brooks Scholarship -- $2,000

QMT Windchimes Scholarship Award

Ryan Naddoni
QMT Windchimes Scholarship -- $1,250

QMT Windchimes Scholarship Award

Matthew Smith
QMT Windchimes Scholarship -- $1,250

Want to Create a New Scholarship?

If you would like to sponsor a scholarship, the process is simple.

1. First, the interested donor would need to decide on an amount for the scholarship - once the funds have been donated, BELL will earmark them for the scholarship (and only the scholarship).

2. Next, the donor will choose a name for the scholarship. In the case of memorial scholarships, donors may choose to name it in a loved one's memory. However, that choice is up to the donor - BELL will use your naming preference.

3. We need to set scholarship criteria for the recipient. It might be character attributes, dedication to community, or a variety of other exemplary traits that you would like the recipient to instill. Once you decide the criteria (and we are happy to work with you to help develop those) then we would create a scholarship application and put together a committee to help select the most deserving and qualified applicant.

4. The final step in the process would be to award the scholarship in the beginning of June during the Honors Assembly - we would invite you and your family to see the scholarship awarded as well as to be recognized yourselves.